Benefits and Disadvantages for Expat Living in Singapore

Anyone who wishes to shift to Singapore assumes that it would be nice living in here however; there are flaws and goodness that really awaits you. This is fact and any expat in Singapore would confirm this. It is best that before planning to move to Singapore, you already had the whole picture of what awaits you. Our list may be helpful so, go ahead and continue your read.

Here are the benefits/advantages and disadvantages for expat living in Singapore:

  1. Housing And Accommodation

There are so many selections for expat when it comes to housing in Singapore. This ranges from renting government own condo or renting land houses and apartments from private owners. Most of the housing in Singapore comes with amenities such as function rooms or playground. But the thing is because Singapore is just a small city, you hardly can find greenery parks here and houses do not have backyards. Another thing is that the rent for the flats and other housing in Singapore is very costly. The closer it is to the city, the higher the rate and some expats go for the town part in search of a budget-friendly deal.

  1. Transportation System and Fare

Transportation in Singapore is so extensive that you can get around in the city so easily because every bus or train will take you to your destination. Even if you wish to get to the furthest area in Singapore, it is still convenient and the best affordable ride is on the MRT train. However, owning a car in Singapore is really costly because of the fees and taxes you need to pay.

  1. Neighboring Travel

It can be tiring and long flight going to Singapore, but if you are already in here and wanted to have a vacation to other countries like Malaysia and Thailand, there are lots of cheap and budget-friendly fares that will get you into their in few minutes.

  1. Crime Rate And Safety

​Many of the Singaporeans are proud that their country is a very safe place to live. Even if the visibility of the police are hardly seen roaming around, the strict law of Singapore hinders a lot of heinous crimes such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder. However, Singapore does not have assigned line for bikes. Mostly, bikers share lanes with the public on pedestrians and sidewalks so make sure you wear a helmet whenever go for biking.

  1. Social Life

It is not difficult to find same ethnicities in Singapore and make friends with them. Meeting with the locals is also fun, but to get together with people from your country is also easy. You may get into social groups like Facebook and meet those who have a common interest with you in the city. There are also social clubs and organizations that held events every now and then so you can socialize with them. One way to do that is to take a class or be a volunteer, but beware when going to parties. Singapore does not tolerate one getting drunk that is why even though you can buy alcoholic drinks in the nightclubs, it is very costly because of the sin tax opposed.

  1. Health Insurance

The access to health care in Singapore is very reasonable. One can choose from the public to private hospitals and clinics. If you are insured, you can ask your provider for the recommended list of hospitals or clinic as well as the medical doctors whom you can go. However, for those who do not have insurance, bill payment can really be costly and you need to pay it for your visit.

With the few tips above, we hope that your shifting to Singapore won’t give you so much hassle and trouble. Keep doing your research about Singapore; surely, you will love this place like the citizens here always do!

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