Habits You Do that May Be Damaging to Your AC Unit

If you own an air conditioning unit at home, you are likely the kind that makes sure it is on full blast during the summer months. Of course, this is to be expected as this is the reason why you opted to have such an appliance in your home in the first place. Some AC owners rely on Billy Aircon to get regular servicing to make sure that their unit keep functioning well. You may not be aware of it though, but the way that you are using it may be things that are causing your unit its early demise. Here are some of those bad habits.

Buying one that is way too big

People often have this notion that the bigger the unit, the better. Well, it is not always the case. People have this wrong belief that the bigger the unit is, the better job it will do at cooling their homes but this is not always true. You will find that when the unit is bigger or is oversized, it’s not always able to generate temperatures that are uniform. It may not even be able to reduce humidity too effectively. Of course, you are to going to benefit from a unit that is way too small too. But going for one that’s too big is only causing you to pay more for something that is not going to do what you expect it to.

So, stick to the right size.

Putting the unit in a hot spot

There are a lot of people that make this mistake. This is because they want to choose an unused spot. This is going to backfire massively though if this is a spot where the unit is likely going to suffer from the direct heat of the sun. A good way to position the unit would be to make sure that you will have to be positioned somewhere that is shady, so it is going to be exposed to less direct heat.

Hiding the unit

A lot of people do this since an AC system is not a sight for sore eyes. But one has to remember that hiding it somewhere is only likely to end up with an excessively high bill at the end of every month. When you choose to hide it behind a plant or a shrub, you are only causing a hindrance on its ventilation. It can also cause the condenser coils to get clogged, and as a result, you have a system that is less efficient but is consuming a lot of energy plus you need to get aircon cleaning services to fix that.

Leaving it on all day

It is not a good idea doing so as this is not only going to cause your unit to have a shorter lifespan, it is going to result in you paying a huge bill too. What you should do is use programmable thermostats. You can use individual timers too. These options are usually considerably cheaper and are more energy efficient too when compared to leaving your home with the AC on all day. You should also get regular Singapore aircon servicing for your air conditioner if you leave it on all day.

Heating up the thermostat

Many people often make the mistake of putting other appliances such as stereos, television, lamps, and other items that can be heated generators close to the thermostat. Wrong move. All these items should be located somewhere that they are not going to be way too close as this can cause the temperature reading to drive up accidentally and that can cause the unit to get overworked.

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