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The Best Montessori Kindergarten Schools

Finding a good Montessori school is a difficult proposition at times. If you want to give your child a headstart in life then the Montessori method is a good option. The child-centered approach of Montessori is a good option for people who want to let their child develop and explore the things that they are interested in, while offering them a supportive environment.

Montessori best practices can be bewildering if you are not fully familiar with them. There is a lot of value to the practices, though. They foster peer learning, and they offer a child the chance to explore the things that they care about the most. Central to the idea of Montessori is the learning triangle. This is made up of the environment, the child and the teacher. The teacher prepares a classroom that fosters independence and freedom, while still having limits to give the child a sense of order. The child is given choice, and is able to make use of the environment to develop and to interact with their teacher if they feel that they need support or guidance.

According to Astarkids preschool, another thing that is core to Montessori is the idea of grouping children into multiple age groups. Younger children have the chance to learn from older children, and this is used to help the older children learn and develop. The arrangement reflects what happens in the real world, where adults will work together with people of different dispositions, ages, and abilities. Starting a child young with this kind of socializing is essential, and can help to improve the child’s development massively.

Montessori students have the chance to learn both academically, and with more tactile activities with a focus on sensory-motor activities. They can develop their cognitive powers by focusing on what they can touch, taste, see, hear and smell.

The Montessori system can be used by children of all ages. In the elementary years, a child has the chance to learn a lot through the Montessori system as they learn and grow. They can develop an understanding of the world and ‘learn how to learn’ so that as they grow older they have a framework with which to approach more abstract concepts, and to understand not just facts and figures, but how to organise them, and how to approach the world while understanding things like justice, freedom and equity.

Critical thinking is one of the best parts of the Montessori method. A child that starts at a Montessori kindergarten will learn to question the what, how and why of every issue, so that they can build their own approach to learning, and not simply learn by rote facts that may be presented to them by someone with an agenda. In this 21st century world, being willing to question everything is vital, and is something that will stand people in good stead.

Montessori teachers take a background spot in the classroom, letting children take the lead, but being there to support and guide. Don’t underestimate how skilled the best Montessori kindergarten teachers are with their dutiful, discrete guidance. For more information, you can visit Montessori kindergarten – Babiescasa.