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The Many Benefits of Penetration Testing

Cyber attacks are not uncommon in this information age. However, they can be quite detrimental to the performance and security of a company. That’s why it is imperative to conduct systematic penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

So, what is Penetration Testing?

This is a proactive effort to check the IT infrastructure’s security by trying to exploit the system’s vulnerability, wrong configurations, compromising OS, risky end-user behaviour as well as application and service errors. These evaluations are quite helpful in confirming the effectiveness of the security mechanism.

What are the benefits of Penetration Testing?

Well, there are many advantages to employing this procedure, and we shall discuss a number of them:

Detects Security Threats

Perhaps the best thing about penetration tests is that they enable a company to defend its networks, applications, users as well as endpoints from external and internal attempts to dodge security controls to gain unauthorised access. The results of the tests confirm the security threats posed by certain vulnerabilities and faulty process, thus allowing the IT management and security team to come up with remediation solutions. Companies can be able to anticipate threats and unapproved access to vital information and systems by executing complete penetration tests on a regular basis.

Avoid Penalties and Meet Monitoring Requirements

The comprehensive reports produced from penetration tests can help a company avoid substantial penalties for non-compliance. They also allow them to show ongoing due diligence to assessors by maintaining the required security controls.

Wisely Copes Vulnerabilities

Penetration tests also provide comprehensive information regarding security threats. By conducting a penetration test, a company can be able to know which vulnerabilities are serious proactively, those that are not much of a problem and the wrong positives. This helps the company to wisely arrange solutions, assign security resources to ensure they are accessible wherever and whenever they are needed and also execute security patches.

Protect Company Image and Customer Loyalty

A single occurrence of compromised client statistics can be costly both in terms affecting the sales and destroying the company’s image. Penetration tests, however, help a business avoid data breach incidents that can potentially ruin the reputation as well as the reliability of the organisation.

Circumvent the Network Downtime Rate

Having to close down a business due to a security flaw temporarily can be detrimental. This can be in the form of dropped worker’s output, reduced revenues, legal activities, discouraged trade partners, customer protection and retention programs and even the IT remediation efforts. Penetration tests, however, help a company evade these costly snags by detecting and fixing threats before security attacks or breaches happen.

Security Breaches and Service Interferences are Usually Expensive

Security flaws and service or application disruption can lead to economic harms, grind down consumer loyalties, creep up company’s reputation, attract negative press and even generate hefty fines and penalties. However, these costly expenses can be avoided by regular penetration testing.

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